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Tonala & Tlaquepaque

Land Where Earth Becomes Art.


Tonala and Tlaquepaque. The town of Tonala, Jalisco, is now part of the metropolitan area of the city of Guadalajara, its ceramics enjoy a enormous prestige since the early colonial period.
Its fame, far from declining with the passage of time, continues across national borders. Today, a high percentage of its production of high quality has two main destination countries of great ceramist abolengo: Germany and Japan.
Immediate neighbor of Tonala is the town of Tlaquepaque, which has become a must for anyone visiting the lakeside and serves as a huge showcase to the artisanal production of Jalisco State. Tlaquepaque has been the birthplace of many popular artists and ceramists that have innovated the famous ancient techniques, whose fine work have resulted in new and beautiful objects.
Although it is true that pottery is the most prominent craft of this region, is not the only one: wrought iron, blown glass, wool textiles and cotton fabrics both made in shuttle loom or backstrap loom and leather objects of unsurpassed quality, among which include embroidered belts with pita and traditional charros finery, all together they form an irresistible spectacle even for the most skeptical visitor.

 This tour begins at 9 am and ends approximately at 5 pm
 It is escorted by a certified bilingual tour guide
Departure place Black Coffee across from Walmart Ajijic
 Reservation and ticket purchase required prior the tour

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First class transportation
Certified bilingual tour guide
Entrance fees
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